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They Call Us Carbons

“…a strongly written novel, dark and rich and exciting.” — Endeavour Award-winning author, Louise Marley

A young clone risks escape from an off-world labor colony to prevent her unborn child from being taken. Sasha’s story–in which she discovers the strength and courage that could help bring an end to the black market trade for unauthorized children–also shows us the history of her love for Julia, who disappeared so many years ago and left and indelible mark over Sasha’s heart.

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Underneath Us

[Manuscript in progress]

In 2069, the Colorado River has run dry, and Garrett Keely lives on a water-drilling outpost run by his daytime-sober father in the middle of a silt bed that used to be Lake Mead. When the drill jams twenty miles down–deeper than man has ever drilled–and the bit hoists up a tangled plate of metal with symbols on it, Garrett tries–and thinks he may have succeeded–to decipher the mystery of its clues.

But then his father refuses to interrupt the plans of his trillion-dollar drilling operation to investigate the artifact’s origin, so Garrett makes some plans of his own: he’s not going to let his father’s selfish choices prevent what Garrett knows is right, as happened five years ago when Garrett was hospitalized after a family car accident and his father disconnected his little sister’s life support before Garrett was even out of surgery.

Garrett’s unsanctioned descent into the mysteries that lie underneath us will take him on a journey of self-discovery, grieving for his little sister, and ultimately reconciliation with his father and forgiveness.

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About Alex

After 15 years of entertainment law practice in Los Angeles, Alex now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with her family. Her books are represented by Laurie McLean of the Fuse Literary Agency.

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