Sasha 124 follows the rules—she’s seen what will happen if she doesn’t. In 2318, bio-engineered clones with a lifespan-limiting defect are tasked for dangerous mining work on Aragounov, and female disobeyers are forcibly impregnated with clone litters until their bodies expire. But when Sasha discovers she’s expecting her lover’s baby, she resolves to risk herself to save this unborn child—and by doing so discovers freedom in a way she never imagined.



[Manuscript in progress]

Garrett Keely’s convinced nothing can surprise him. Not after his father terminated his sister’s life support. And—as a delinquent teen in 2069—not stuck living at a water-drilling outpost on the desiccated bed of Lake Mead, so remote Garrett’s playgrounds are the abandoned ruins of nearby Las Vegas. But when the drill jams twenty miles down—deeper than man has ever drilled—and the bit hoists up tangled metal with unidentifiable symbols on it, Garrett realizes life’s about to get interesting.